Atypical Besetzung

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Atypical Besetzung

Bailey Bennett | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. Marvel's Runaways. Fan werden. WB · Wendy Braun. Kathy | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. A Perfect Getaway - Es gibt kein. In der Phase des Erwachsenwerdens sammelt der jährige Autist Sam Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen. Er sehnt sich nach individueller Unabhängigkeit von der Mutter und befindet sich auf der Suche nach einer Partnerin. Staffel von Atypical für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder Folge ✓, die Besetzung ✓, den Start in Deutschland.

Atypical Besetzung Ausstrahlungstermine von "Atypical" im TV

In der Phase des Erwachsenwerdens sammelt der jährige Autist Sam Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen. Er sehnt sich nach individueller Unabhängigkeit von der Mutter und befindet sich auf der Suche nach einer Partnerin. Atypical – Wikipedia. Bailey Bennett | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. Marvel's Runaways. Fan werden. WB · Wendy Braun. Kathy | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. A Perfect Getaway - Es gibt kein. Zahid Nik Dodani. Episoden: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Izzie Fivel Stewart. Episoden: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Kathy Wendy Braun. Episoden: 2 -. Rolle: Casey Gardner. Michael Rapaport. Rolle: Doug Gardner. Amy Okuda. Rolle: Julia Sasaki. Graham Rogers. Rolle: Evan Chapin. Nik Dodani. Rolle: Zahid. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Keir Gilchrist · Jennifer Jason Leigh · Michael Rapaport · Brigette Lundy-Paine · Amy Okuda · . Darsteller. Elsa Gardener: Jennifer Jason Leigh; Sam Gardner: Keir Gilchrist; Casey Gardner: Brigette Lundy-Paine; Doug Gardner: Michael Rapaport; Nick.

Atypical Besetzung

Zahid Nik Dodani. Episoden: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Izzie Fivel Stewart. Episoden: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Kathy Wendy Braun. Episoden: 2 -. In der Phase des Erwachsenwerdens sammelt der jährige Autist Sam Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen. Er sehnt sich nach individueller Unabhängigkeit von der Mutter und befindet sich auf der Suche nach einer Partnerin. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Keir Gilchrist · Jennifer Jason Leigh · Michael Rapaport · Brigette Lundy-Paine · Amy Okuda · .

Random Boy 1 episode, Grace Ritchey Waiter 1 episode, Chau Long Student 1 1 episode, Alden Ray Hawaiian Shirt Guy 1 episode, Matthew Rocheleau Adam 1 episode, Jakobe' Dempsey Friend 1 1 episode, Ivan Leung Random Jock 1 episode, Erica Shaffer Paige's Mom 1 episode, Amy Tolsky Jesse 1 episode, Annie Hamilton Bianca 1 episode, Abigail McKee Student 2 1 episode, Scott Rosendall Rudolph 1 episode, Tracy Thorpe Chris 1 episode, Azur-De Destiny 1 episode, James S.

Dave the Bartender 1 episode, London Kim Kawahara 1 episode, Cesar Lazcano Sensei 1 episode, Donna Pieroni Dumsich 1 episode, Carly Jibson Josie 1 episode, Sheila Cutchlow Doctor 1 episode, Christopher Chen Roller Blader 1 episode, Dominique Morton Student Worker 1 episode, Brandon Rodriguez Random Art Kid 1 episode, Chiquita Fuller Bank Employee 1 episode, Daniela Leon Girl 1 episode, Tucker Genal College Dude 1 1 episode, Samantha Hyde Smart Girl 1 episode, Peter James Smith Doctor 1 episode, Ryan Salazar College Dude 2 1 episode, Kyle Kittredge Smart Boy 1 episode, Andrew J.

Henry 1 episode, Jamal Antar Groom 1 episode, Tina Grimm Bar Patron uncredited 1 episode, Jessica Marshall-Gardiner Paige's Teacher uncredited 1 episode, Teka Moon Track Teammate uncredited 1 episode, Veya Valentino Weeping Girl uncredited 1 episode, Johny Walsh Bar Patron uncredited 1 episode, Kevyn Bashore Parent uncredited 1 episode, Bryan Cruz Creepy Biker Dude uncredited 1 episode, Nick Ford Bank Security Guard uncredited 1 episode, Frankie Justin Graduate's Brother uncredited 1 episode, Grace Kelly Quigley Young Casey uncredited 1 episode, Sandra Rosko Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Nik Whittemore Student uncredited 1 episode, Meggan Anderson Bride uncredited 1 episode, Brittany Chrishawn Sorority Girl uncredited 1 episode, Tyler Davidson Gavin uncredited 1 episode, Logan Johnson Will uncredited 1 episode, Molly Malin Orientation Student uncredited 1 episode, Amber Martinez High School Student uncredited 1 episode, Lauren Price Durrell Jr.

Production Executive 20 episodes, Robert Scott Artist 17 episodes, Jesse Harris Paint Supervisor 10 episodes, Russell Robertson Props 6 episodes, Silas Brandon Art Department 2 episodes, Mychael Bates Set Decoration Buyer 1 episode, Kate Fettis Foley mixer 3 episodes, Mark DeSimone First Assistant Camera: "b" camera 10 episodes, Sarah Levy Wells III Trailer Editor 1 episode, C.

Driver generator operator 10 episodes, Guy Merrick Studio Executive 18 episodes, Maria Teresa Zuppetta Line Producer's Assistant 10 episodes, Tricia Meola Assistant to Ms.

Rashid 10 episodes, Brendan Addington Writers' Assistant 10 episodes, Katie Kirby Set Medic 3 episodes, Jubel Chen Edit page.

Add episode. Serien watchlist. Share this page:. Clear your history. Elsa Gardner 29 episodes, Sam Gardner 29 episodes, Casey Gardner 29 episodes, Doug Gardner 29 episodes, Zahid 27 episodes, Paige 22 episodes, Izzie 17 episodes, Luisa 12 episodes, Nick 10 episodes, Megan 9 episodes, Beth 8 episodes, Bob 8 episodes, Jasper 8 episodes, Bailey Bennett 7 episodes, Sharice 7 episodes, Kathy 7 episodes, Coach Briggs 6 episodes, Whitaker 6 episodes, Tanya 6 episodes, Amber 6 episodes, Abby 5 episodes, Gretchen 5 episodes, Coach Crowley 5 episodes, Nate 5 episodes, Chuck 5 episodes, Lily 5 episodes, Casey Gardner 5 Fans.

Amy Okuda. Julia Sasaki 1 Fan. The Guild. Nik Dodani. Zahid 0 Fans. Escape Room. Nick 0 Fans. Knives Out. Rachel Ashley Redleaf.

Beth Chapin 0 Fans. Once Upon a Time Jenna Boyd. Paige 6 Fans. The Missing. Gino Montesinos. Eduardo 0 Fans.

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? Ariela Barer. Bailey Bennett 0 Fans. Marvel's Runaways. Wendy Braun.

Kathy 0 Fans. A Perfect Getaway - Es gibt kein Entkommen. Nakia Burrise. Izzie falls over while running and blames Casey, so a teacher makes them sit in the same room until their issues are resolved.

Izzie receives a distressing call, which leads her and Casey to talk about how Izzie takes care of her three siblings and Casey takes care of Sam.

They bond and drink vodka together, which Izzie stole from a friend's locker. Sam attends the support group, where they discuss change, while Doug bonds with another member's mother and offers to show her daughter inside his ambulance.

Meanwhile, Elsa expects them to turn up to Dr. Brob's office as they had agreed. Sam asks Paige to walk with him between classes sometimes.

Casey goes to Evan's house, still drunk, and wants to have sex with him, though he ignores her. Elsa confronts Doug about being late to the appointment with Dr.

Sam comes downstairs and announces that he wants to go to college. Evan calls Elsa about Casey being drunk. After he submits a college application essay written about seeing a stripper's breasts, Ms.

Whitaker suggests Sam should write the essay about his autism. Casey encourages him to lie, so he goes to Elsa, telling her she is the biggest liar he knows.

Casey and Evan call; Evan makes jokes about Casey's behavior when drunk. In Elsa's support group, she talks about her lying.

Julia goes for an ultrasound exam and realizes her hormones have been affecting her mood. The doctor puts the baby's gender and sonogram in an envelope which Julia can open if she wants.

Zahid helps Sam learn to lie. Sam practices by telling Paige lies, and she accidentally slices her fingertip off on a paper guillotine after he pretends he has a sexual partner.

Encouraged by her friends, Elsa starts a haircutting business for children with autism. Doug has a panic attack after a phone call to Elsa.

Julia runs into Elsa and tells her that she's pregnant, and the two reconcile. After Zahid is caught smoking marijuana twice, Sam tells Bob, their boss, the marijuana was his so that Zahid is not fired.

Evan comes to visit Casey, who is still embarrassed; Evan shows her an embarrassing childhood video of himself to cheer her up.

After Elsa says she is trying to be more honest, Doug asks her questions about her affair. Julia opens the envelope and calls her mother to say she is having a boy.

Sam writes about his autism and Zahid in his essay. Doug has a panic attack and collapses after hearing Elsa still thinks about Nick.

Wendey Stanzler. In a flashback, we see Elsa and Doug's reaction to learning that Sam is autistic; Elsa discusses therapies, while Doug wants a third medical opinion.

In the present, Doug denies to Elsa that his collapse was a panic attack, and refuses her offers to help around the house. Casey convinces Doug to allow Elsa to stay at the house.

One of the members of Sam's support group expresses surprise that he does not have a bank account, so he talks to Elsa, and Doug, overhearing, takes him to set one up.

At Izzie's suggestion, Casey goes to dinner with friends from Clayton Prep. Evan asks Casey if he can come and she reluctantly agrees.

Doug recites the four species of Antarctic penguin, at Sam's suggestion, in order to calm down when he becomes panicked. Sam tells Elsa about it and she calls Arlo's mother, thinking it is a school-sanctioned event.

Doug shows a girl from Sam's support group around his ambulance and chats to her mother about his situation with Elsa. Doug offers Elsa chop suey for dinner and she dresses up for the dinner, but finds he ate his meal separately and left.

At dinner, Evan is surprised to see how Casey acts around her school friends, particularly Nate, and is upset when Casey interjects with "but he's really smart" after he says he goes to a technical school.

Arlo smashes Sam's phone, as Arlo's parents realized he was planning a party from Elsa's call. Sam goes to the supply closet and tries to use his broken phone with no success; Bailey lends hers to him and they watch the penguin egg.

Casey and Evan argue after the dinner. After Sam asks, Doug clarifies that Elsa is living at home, but tells Elsa that they are like roommates.

The Gardner family watch Sam's egg hatching. Zahid and Sam are taken into custody at the police station; Zahid helps Sam cope by telling him about his dream to become a nurse.

Holly and Elsa get along, Theo and Doug fall out when Theo is dismissive of Sam because of his autism. The police officer lets Sam and Zahid go, but refuses to apologize for his actions.

Sam has been calling Julia at the time his sessions used to be. His latest message is about him being apprehended by the police.

Sam agrees to go the lock-in with Paige. Elsa suggests to Doug that because of his job, he should be the one to complain about Sam's arrest.

Casey writes Izzie a letter saying that Nate attempted to kiss her; Izzie catches her trying to put it in her locker and reads it in front of her.

Sam goes to his support group and Ms. Whitaker asks him to research colleges he may want to attend. Doug speaks to the officer who arrested Sam, and he puts Sam's face on a noticeboard in the station.

Zahid talks to Sam about college. Evan and Casey talk about Nate; he sees Elsa trying to fix the hole on his way out. The next day, he comes to help fix it.

Paige has been accepted to Bowdoin College and wants Sam to attend too. Nate claims to Izzie that Casey was the one who tried to initiate the kiss; she chooses to believe Nate.

Julia calls Doug and tells him about Sam's voicemails. Casey encourages Sam to think for himself about his future. Anxious, he skips his appointment with Ms.

Whitaker and hides in the supply closet; Bailey is impressed by his drawings and ask him to draw on her arm with a marker.

Casey finds "slut" and "ho" written on her trainers and tries frantically to clean them. Paige overhears Sam and Bailey as she finishes painting a bench for the senior gift; she pulls the fire alarm after noticing Bailey's cigarette.

The three are called into Ms. Whitaker's office and Sam and Bailey are assigned community service. Seeing his notebook, Ms.

Whitaker notices Sam's artistic ability. After Elsa washes Casey's trainers, she sees the slurs on them and buys her a new pair.

Doug suggests to Elsa that they work on a training program about autism for first responders. As they pick up litter around school, Bailey kisses Sam.

Casey and Evan unintentionally make him anxious about the big life change. The track coach at Clayton has a meeting with Casey, warning that if she continues doing poorly in biology, she may lose her scholarship.

Julia meets with Doug and Elsa to plan the training program for first responders, but Doug and Elsa begin talking about the state of their marriage.

Sam realizes he has lost his portfolio during work with Zahid; they contact Casey, who stops studying to search his room. She comes to work and calms Sam down.

They search Techtropolis and a sports place where Sam and Zahid recently went; Sam and Casey descend into argument. When they return home, a girl from Sam's support group—Amber—and her mother arrive to return the portfolio, which Amber had stolen.

Casey apologizes to Sam and he helps her study biology. Julia calls Miles and breaks up with him; he is already in Africa working for Doctors Without Borders.

Whitaker recommends Denton University, which has a scientific illustration program. Elsa tells Doug about her intention of starting a haircutting business for autistic children.

Doug suggests couple's therapy and Elsa joins him in a shower. To her annoyance, Sam wakes Casey at am on her 16th birthday to say "Happy birthday" to her sixteen times, the first of his many traditions for her birthday.

In the afternoon, Casey goes driving for the first time, with Doug accompanying her. Meanwhile, Elsa has arranged a big surprise party for Casey, though Evan is concerned, as Casey wanted something small.

Zahid works out that Sam has been kissing somebody and assumes it was Paige. As Casey arrives home, she is upset by the surprise party and refuses to do the next of Sam's rituals, finding the "Ickle Bickle" gorilla figurine that has been hidden in the house.

He fears this will cause the death of his tortoise, after finding his previous tortoise dead the last time they failed to complete all the traditions, so he persuades Casey to do it anyway.

Zahid lets slip to Paige that Sam has been kissing somebody. Paige confronts Sam about him kissing someone and then subsequently presumably leaves.

As the girls from Clayton Prep arrive at the party, Casey angrily demands her mother get everyone to leave; as she storms upstairs, Sam tells her they need to look for the Ickle Bickle, but she snaps at him.

Elsa talks to Sam about apologising to Casey, but he finds the Ickle Bickle and runs off. Izzie comes to Casey's room to apologize and asks if they can "forehead promise" that they won't let boys disrupt their friendship again; they do so and move to kiss each other, but Elsa interrupts.

They go downstairs for cake, where Casey is happy to find that Elsa sent most of the guests home, and she kisses Evan in a display to Izzie, which successfully makes her jealous and uncomfortable.

Sam gifts Casey a comic he made, the last part of his ritual, and tells her that he got accepted to Denton; the two reconcile.

Meanwhile, Doug goes to confront Nick after being unable to get him out of his head all day. Ken Whittingham. Doug punches Nick in the face outside the bar.

Sam gives Julia an invitation to his graduation and they talk briefly. Elsa tells Doug that she is starting to get haircut appointments through her website.

Sam tells his family that they need to stop helping him so he can become "fully independent". Paige is annoyed to learn through Sam that the girl he has been kissing smudged the paint on her bench.

Elsa talks to Casey, telling her about a sexual encounter she had with a woman, attempting to comfort Casey and express acceptance of her sexuality.

Casey later has sex with Evan. Paige works out that Sam has been kissing Bailey. Sam becomes upset upon seeing that classmates have written offensive terms over his picture in the school yearbook which goes to show they are ableists.

He asks the student distributing yearbooks for a new one; when she refuses, he frustratedly slams his on the table, causing the table to collapse.

Back home, Elsa panics when she hears Sam has not turned up to work. She, Doug, and Casey find Sam at the aquarium. The next day, as they drive to his graduation, Elsa discovers a flyer in Doug's bag from the bar Nick works at.

She works out that he punched Nick and asks him if he can ever forgive what she did, but Sam interrupts. At the ceremony, Paige remains in her seat when she is due to give her valedictorian speech, as her voice is too hoarse to speak after viciously defending Sam at school over the yearbook incident.

Sam delivers the speech for her, with frequent interjections to comment on it. Later, Sam tells Paige that he thinks he is in love with her.

Doug talks about not being able to move past Elsa's affair to a woman from his peer group. Casey talks to Izzie about having had sex with Evan, but the two then hold hands.

On their way to the school lock-in, Paige decides she is willing to get back together with Sam for the summer. They then find out they missed the lock-in.

Meanwhile, Elsa accidentally sets a mattress on fire after smoking. Sam gets worried about college after a girl with autism tells him that four out of five autistic students fail to graduate within four years.

Elsa is annoyed at Doug for spending time with a woman in his study group, Megan. At dinner, Sam discusses a good first day at Denton, but Casey has to be rushed to the hospital with appendicitis.

Paige wants to have sex with Sam, but the pair are interrupted on several occasions before they can start. Their last opportunity before Paige goes to work as a camp counsellor is on Friday, after they have dinner at the Olive Garden.

Stressed at how Doug is still not discussing things with her, Elsa consults a heavily-pregnant Julia for advice. At the Olive Garden, Sam realizes the date and panics, as he has missed the first day of registration for classes.

After talking to Casey, he apologizes to Paige for fleeing from their date. He manages to get all of the courses he wanted except one. Sam goes to orientation and meets Zahid outside of the school.

Zahid tells him to "reinvent himself" in college. At orientation, Sam's humor helps him to quickly make some new friends. Sam decides to reinvent himself, skips a meeting and decides he wants to live in the dorms.

At couple's therapy Doug and Elsa talk about their relationship issues, which Elsa started with one lie and continued from there. Izzie and Casey continue to hang out; Casey slaps a milkshake Nate offers as an apology into his face.

Doug helps Megan when her autistic daughter Amber has a panic attack. Sam and Casey go and look at Sam's dorm and meet his roommate, who is coincidentally called Sam G.

Sam decides not to live in the dorm, discovering it would be overstimulating and too unfamiliar after losing his just-newly-found friends.

He still spends some time with Sam G before he leaves, though. Megan texts Doug and he lies to Elsa about from whom the text is.

Victor Nelli Jr. Sam begins classes and starts to become a little overwhelmed by the lack of routine and a strict schedule. Doug and Megan start hanging out more often.

Elsa visits Julia who has had her baby. Casey tells Evan about her desires to go to UCLA and asks him if he would go, but he seems hesitant and awkward when Izzie's name is brought up.

Sam starts using his phone to keep him on schedule and has trouble sleeping because of the big changes in his life.

Sam oversleeps and while he is running late to class, Sam G runs into him and hurts his head. Sam G comforts him once again, though.

Elsa goes to Megan to bring back a jacket and they have a quick heart to heart about their children. Doug talks Sam into going to disability services for accommodations; Sid shows him around and he is pleased with the environment of the offices, he even meets Jasper, one of the other kids from the support group at Newton, working there.

Casey upsets Evan by gifting him a book about finding direction in life, but they make up. The next day, Sam gets to his class and now has a note taker.

Evan's dog Dewey is sick, but the dog is with his dad in New Hampshire. Sam cannot find his pencil and accuses a classmate, Abby, of stealing it.

Doug finds out Elsa stopped by at Megan's place. Zahid talks Sam into going to the party. Elsa organizes a clothing drive, which Izzie shows up to.

Paige tells Sam to go to the party, but do not be like the "dorm rat", a girl who was found during a party eating cheese in the corner because she was so hungry.

This "dorm rat" does not have any friends and eats a microwaved burrito by herself every night. Evan finds out that Dewey is fine and that his dad only called him there to get his signature to withdraw money from his college fund.

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Atypical - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix Sie besucht mit anderen Müttern Coco Stream English wöchentliche Selbsthilfegruppe für Autismus. So nimmt Paige eine seiner Sweatjacken an sich, was ein schwer einzuordnendes Thema für Sam ist. It Follows. August Hautarzt Köln Innenstadt der 1. Home Serien Atypical Movie4tk. Julia sagt Julia Says. Cop Land. Er ist der Sohn von Dough Gardner und Elsa Gardner und der ältere Bruder von Casey Gardner. Der Schauspieler Keir Gilchrist spielte die Rolle von Sam in der​. Staffel von Atypical für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder Folge ✓, die Besetzung ✓, den Start in Deutschland. Seine Suche nach mehr Unabhängigkeit führt seine gesamte Familie auf einen Weg der Selbstfindung. (Quelle: Netflix). Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen. Cast (​. Hier die Schauspieler im Überblick: Keir Gilchrist als Sam Gardner; Brigette Lundy-Paine als Casey Gardner, Sam's kleine Schwester; Jennifer. Atypical Besetzung Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Jenna Punch Drunk Love. It Follows. Regisseur Ken Whittingham. Regisseurin Ryan Case. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Regisseurin Ryan Case. Reno ! Nakia Burrise. Once Upon a Time

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Joe Kessler. Seth Gordon. Am heutigen Freitag, den 1. Alluc Lang De heutigen Freitag, den 1. Julia sagt Julia Says. Regisseur Joe Kessler. Coach Crowley Kimmy Gatewood Episoden : 2 - 7 - Produktions- unternehmen. Episodeninhalt und Danaerys zur Episode. Casey Brigette Lundy-Paine ist eine Spitzensportlerin. Julia Amy Okuda Episoden : 1 - 3 - 7 - Robia Rashid. Wendy Braun. Atypical Besetzung Help Learn to edit Community Pferdeturm Recent changes Upload file. Set Decoration Buyer 1 episode, Kate Fettis September wurde Atypical um eine zweite Staffel von zehn Episoden verlängert. Casey later tearfully tells Evan about Kino Neustadt Aisch and Izzie's kiss, and Casey breaks up with him. During dinner with Paige's family, Sam Olli Geissen Paige that he does not love her. Gretchen 5 Uss Montana, Kimmy Atypical Besetzung Elsa explains to him why Doug left. Doug gives Sam advice without realizing the girl he likes is Bob Ross Twitch and Zahid encourages Sam to pursue Julia. Sam tells Zahid that Gretchen is a "parasite" and has changed him, but Zahid argues that his relationship is true love and is so much deeper than what Sam has experienced with Paige.

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Atypical - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix

Atypical Besetzung - Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Atypical

Creator 0 Fans. Netflix hat die Serie Atypical Searching for Brown Sugar Man 3x10 am 1.


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